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Jan 2015
10:49 pm

Chiapas Day 4: Chiapa de Corzo

Not a cloud to be seen from the roof of Casa de Tomas this morning.

Jan 2015
07:57 pm

Chiapas Day 3: Roadblocks or Not

We awoke early to the din and clang of a community’s routine.

Jan 2015
04:01 pm

Chiapas Day 2: Matias Castellano

A four-hour drive south brought us to the 83-family community of Matias Castellano, the site of On The Ground’s newest water project.

Jan 2015
11:45 pm

Chiapas Day 1: San Cristobal + Discovery

San Cristobal adventures, day one.

Jan 2015
04:24 pm

Origin Stories

This Friday, I’m traveling to Chiapas, Mexico with the annual HG delegation.

Jan 2015
03:51 pm

Chemex: An Oldie but a Goodie

For me, there’s workday coffee and then there’s weekend coffee.

Dec 2014
11:42 am

Troubleshoot Your Brew: 3 Elements of Proper Brewing

Whether you’re new to manual brewing at home or a seasoned veteran, there are three key variables impacting the final result of your brewing endeavors.

Dec 2014
11:03 am

Notes from the Road: Congo Muungano

In October, HG Director Chris traveled to meet with farmers in the eastern DRC. Here's a start to his reflection on the trip.

Nov 2014
04:18 pm

You Ask, We Answer: How to Grind for Espresso at Home

We received a question by email last week: “I was wondering which grind type to order for my DeLonghi [espresso] machine. Can you please give me some guidance?”

Nov 2014
02:18 pm

New Arrivals: HG Tees + the Espro Press

We have some new products on the shelf here at HG, just in time for holiday shopping.

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