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Mar 2015
11:15 am

Why Congo?

In this post, Chris introduces us to the reasons he was drawn to the Eastern DRC and to one particular farming partner, Muungano.

Feb 2015
02:44 pm

Fallen Rangers Project: Supporting Virunga's Community

February may find us buried under mountains of fluffy white snow here in Northern Michigan, but eventually spring will come, and every day brings us closer to May's big event: Run Across Congo.

Feb 2015
04:54 pm

Stages of Coffee Extraction

As anyone who has ever tasted a super-strong cup of coffee will attest, not all flavors present in our beloved coffee bean are actually tasty.

Jan 2015
02:17 pm

Chiapas Day 7: Maya Vinic, Acteal, & Las Abejas

After three years of working for Higher Grounds, I felt like I knew the story of Maya Vinic.

Jan 2015
11:57 pm

Chiapas Day 6: Yachil + the Zapatista Path

Today we had the privilege of visiting the Yachil cooperative.

Jan 2015
06:06 pm

Chiapas Day 5: Barista Exchanges & the Micro-universe of CIDECI

We had the honor today to work closely with some people who represent a very intimate link to a huge volume of coffee that we work with on a regular basis: baristas and roasters of the Maya Vinic cooperative.

Jan 2015
10:49 pm

Chiapas Day 4: Chiapa de Corzo

Not a cloud to be seen from the roof of Casa de Tomas this morning.

Jan 2015
07:57 pm

Chiapas Day 3: Roadblocks or Not

We awoke early to the din and clang of a community’s routine.

Jan 2015
04:01 pm

Chiapas Day 2: Matias Castellano

A four-hour drive south brought us to the 83-family community of Matias Castellano, the site of On The Ground’s newest water project.

Jan 2015
11:45 pm

Chiapas Day 1: San Cristobal + Discovery

San Cristobal adventures, day one.

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