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Jan 2015
11:45 pm

Chiapas Day 1: San Cristobal + Discovery

San Cristobal adventures, day one.

Jan 2015
04:24 pm

Origin Stories

This Friday, I’m traveling to Chiapas, Mexico with the annual HG delegation.

Jan 2015
03:51 pm

Chemex: An Oldie but a Goodie

For me, there’s workday coffee and then there’s weekend coffee.

Dec 2014
11:42 am

Troubleshoot Your Brew: 3 Elements of Proper Brewing

Whether you’re new to manual brewing at home or a seasoned veteran, there are three key variables impacting the final result of your brewing endeavors.

Dec 2014
11:03 am

Notes from the Road: Congo Muungano

In October, HG Director Chris traveled to meet with farmers in the eastern DRC. Here's a start to his reflection on the trip.

Nov 2014
04:18 pm

You Ask, We Answer: How to Grind for Espresso at Home

We received a question by email last week: “I was wondering which grind type to order for my DeLonghi [espresso] machine. Can you please give me some guidance?”

Nov 2014
02:18 pm

New Arrivals: HG Tees + the Espro Press

We have some new products on the shelf here at HG, just in time for holiday shopping.

Nov 2014
12:25 pm

Cupping: Why and How

Cupping is the process used in the coffee industry to evaluate the aroma and taste of coffee. Here at HG, we cup for several reasons.

Oct 2014
11:25 am

Mug Wars

Here's what can happen when middle schoolers learn about sustainability.

Oct 2014
01:44 pm

Photo Tour: Chris in the DRC

While we wait for a full trip report from Chris, enjoy a quick photo tour of his travels in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

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