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Apr 2014
08:27 am

Connected By Coffee Premieres April 22

Next week marks the Traverse City premiere of the Stone Hut Studios documentary Connected by Coffee.

Apr 2014
01:55 pm

The Easy Bake Analogy

I just read an article in which the writer compared the attempt to make high-quality coffee with low-quality equipment to making a soufflé in an Easy Bake oven. Yes.

Apr 2014
02:18 pm

Brewed: the perfect Spring kick-off event

The first full month of spring has started off with a bang over here at HG. BREWED was a collaborative beer and coffee tasting, in which we paired four Short's beers with four of Higher Grounds' coffees.

Mar 2014
02:26 pm

The K-Cup Conundrum

For many of you go-getters out there in our crazy-busy world, convenience rules. Our schedules are stacked; we’re constantly on the run, moving from point A to B to C to D…. you get the idea. Who has time to make a cup of coffee?

Mar 2014
11:42 am

Varietal Study: Our Most Consistent Coffees

While we will always experience seasonal shifts in the availability of certain coffees, there are a few varieties that have been consistently high-quality and available to us for most of the year.

Mar 2014
07:37 am

The Clever Dripper: You Don't Even Have to Be Clever to Use It.

The latest addition to our brew-to-order lineup of options is the Clever Dripper, a genius contraption that combines the best elements of full-immersion and pour-over brewing.

Feb 2014
12:25 pm

Back to Basics: Coffee Brewing Essentials

In order to gain the best possible experience from the freshly-roasted, organic coffee you get from HG, there are some rules.

Feb 2014
09:50 am

Kivu Adventures: Traversing the Last Bastion of Specialty Coffee in the DRC

Chris returns to the DR Congo and reflects on the importance of our newest partnership with farmers there.

Feb 2014
12:58 pm

Favorite Coffees for 3 Occasions

I often get asked, What’s your favorite coffee? As a coffee professional, I can understand why people ask this question. Of course a barista should have a favorite coffee. Or should I?

Jan 2014
02:41 pm

We Can Shift the Power: Introducing Power Shift Blend

Power Shift Blend is a first-of-its-kind combination of music, coffee, and activism.

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