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May 2015
02:21 pm

The Power of Intention: An Experiential Exercise in Collaborative Movement Building

On the Ground co-founder and HG director Chris dives deep into the motivation for Run Across Congo.

May 2015
11:05 am

If You Liked the Michigan Line...

HG has been proud and honored to feature our Michigan line of coffees benefiting important Michigan nonprofit organizations since 2012.

May 2015
02:28 pm

Meet our Local RADRC Runners

The team of women about to undertake Run Across Congo are coming together from all around the United States. But two of them--Randi Lyn Stoltz and Meryl Marsh--hail from our home community, right here in Northern Michigan.

Apr 2015
04:30 pm

Voices from Congo: Colette Mwamushema

As members of the Muungano Coffee Co-operative, Colette and her husband sell the beans from their 130 coffee trees to support their family.

Apr 2015
04:25 pm

Meet the Marigold

This little beauty is the shining star on our current seasonal drink menu.

Apr 2015
03:55 pm

You Can't Separate the Farmer from the Cup

The Specialty Coffee Symposium and Expo that took place a couple weeks ago was a wonderful riot of coffee goodness.

Apr 2015
03:41 pm

Voices from Congo: Meet the Farmers of Muungano

When you drink our DR Congo Muungano coffee, you're directly connected to these remarkable women.

Apr 2015
04:33 pm

Natural Process Coffee: Good for the World and Tasty for Us

The majority of the world’s specialty coffee is processed in approximately the same way. But there are some variations worth tasting.

Mar 2015
04:54 pm

Why We Run: Run Across Congo guest post

Today's post comes by way of Run Across Congo's Why We Run blog series.

Mar 2015
11:15 am

Why Congo?

In this post, Chris introduces us to the reasons he was drawn to the Eastern DRC and to one particular farming partner, Muungano.

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