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Oct 2016
11:24 am

Farmer Stories, Part 3: Jose's Dreams

In recognition and celebration of Indigenous Peoples Day (October 10), we asked Jose about his hopes and dreams for the future.

Oct 2016
04:21 pm

Farmer Stories, Part 2: Daily Life

Our partner farmer Jose Perez Vazquez shares some details of his life as a coffee producer.

Oct 2016
10:15 am

Join the 2017 Chiapas Sustainable Coffee Origin Trip

Discover the fair trade movement and indigenous autonomy in the Mayan Highlands.

Oct 2016
10:26 am

Farmer Stories, Part 1: The Power of a Co-op

In recognition and celebration of National Co-op Month, we asked Jose Perez Vasquez about what it means for him to be a member of Maya Vinic.

Sep 2016
05:17 pm

Growing Organic Coffee in Chenalho, Chiapas, Mexico

How much does it actually cost to grow organic coffee in the highlands of Chiapas, Mexico? Jose, our long time friend and co-founder of the Maya Vinic cooperative, explains how much it costs him to cultivate organic coffee in Chiapas.

Aug 2016
09:29 am

Supporting Gender Equality in eastern Congo

A report from Herman Chirihambali Lwango, On the Ground’s Community Liaison for Project Congo and farmer at Muungano Coffee Co-op, discussing impact in part a result of Higher Grounds funding support.

Aug 2016
04:39 pm

26 Tips to Make French Press Coffee like a Barista

Our friends at Handground compiled some great tips for brewing in a French Press.

Jul 2016
03:34 pm

Bike Valet comes to the TC Film Festival

Leave traffic behind with TCFF's free bike valet! Park at Bijou by the Bay, walk to your favorite film, and our friends at Norte will give you a coupon for free HG coffee—our way of saying thanks for doing your part to help the planet.

Jul 2016
04:00 pm

Las Abejas and Maya Vinic: Blazing a Path for Peace with Coffee in Chiapas

Higher Grounds’ relationship with the Maya Vinic coffee cooperative in Chiapas, Mexico has a long and storied history and is our foundational partner in our circular economic model based in quality and sustainability.

Jun 2016
01:03 pm

B Corp Pushes us Forward: a Down and (not so) Dirty Update

Since HG became a Certified B Corporation this past February, we’ve been taking a closer look at some of our policies and procedures in an effort to push ourselves to be even more sustainable.

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