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Nov 2015
03:25 pm

2016 Chiapas Sustainable Coffee Delegation

Join us on an adventure through the Mayan Highlands of Chiapas, Mexico.

Sep 2015
03:52 pm

Helping Lemera Move Forward

One focus area for Project Congo is the Lemera Hospital, which provides emergency medical care for women who have been sexually assaulted. On the Ground recently delivered much-needed clothing, bedding and medical supplies to Lemera.

Sep 2015
10:30 am

Introducing TNT winner Erik Czuprinski

Who was that mysterious guy who took home first prize in our most recent latte art throwdown? Meet the man behind the tulips.

Sep 2015
04:24 pm

Coast Blend Generates $$ for Norte! Youth Cycling

Our summer seasonal blend, Coast, was a big hit.

Aug 2015
03:17 pm

Why Should We Throw Down?

Any coffee drinker in Traverse City knows that we have a lot of options when it comes to a great cup of joe.

Aug 2015
01:36 pm

Notes from a Bike: Ruth's Journal

Today's blog comes from one of our intrepid bike delivery pedalers, Ruth Elliott.

Aug 2015
01:09 pm

Run Across Congo: Helping Women Find Equality

One week after running seven marathons in seven days across eastern DRC, Randi Stoltz meditated on her experience.

Aug 2015
04:14 pm

Espro: The Professional's French Press

The Espro Press solves two major challenges presented by full-immersion brewing: 1) over-extraction due to extended contact between water and coffee grounds, and 2) masking of subtle, delicate nuances in the resulting cup.

Jul 2015
04:02 pm

Japanese Iced Coffee

Here’s how to use your Chemex—or other pourover device—to create tasty cold coffee in just a few minutes.

Jul 2015
12:57 pm

Congo Reflections

My problems? What problems. I have no such thing.

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