Update: Congo Volcano

Yesterday we shared the news that the volcano in the Lake Kivu region of eastern Congo erupted over the weekend, destroying 17 villages with lava flow stopping very near to the airport.

Seismic tremors have continued over the past few days and, this morning, the Congolese government renewed an order for evacuation of the city and surrounding areas as fear of another potential eruption and magma flow was detected beneath Goma and Lake Kivu. Perhaps even more terrifying is the real possibility of an earthquake disrupting the tons of methane gas trapped beneath the surface, releasing carbon dioxide and asphyxiating thousands of people in mere minutes. 

Goma lava path

Higher Grounds has staff and friends in Goma, and our non-profit partners On the Ground have employees who live in the city. We have spoken with them as they have emphasized a massive need for funds and aid as refugees scramble to maintain their safety and that of their families. OTG’s DRC program manager, our dear friend Herman Chirihambali Lwango (left), has been in regular contact. He provided the list below showing the overwhelming need for basic supplies. We have already sent initial emergency funds that Herman is using to care for the refugees in Minova. We cannot overstate the seriousness of the current situation.

The people of eastern Congo need support, and you can help. Because of our deep connections there, we are in a unique position to help and can quickly get funds directly to people in need. 

Thanks for your consideration and support.

Below are videos taken by On The Ground staff of the evacuation of Goma.