Organic Apex Bolivia Yungas Natural
Organic Apex Bolivia Yungas Natural Organic Apex Bolivia Yungas Natural

Producers: Jesus Villalva Tito, Rosendo Apaza Mamani, Juan Freddy Romero  Paredes, Álvaro Huayhua Coillo, Alberto Romero Quispe, Luis Condori Chura
Cooperative:  AIPEP       
Region:  Pumiri, Caranavi, Bolivia        
Acidity:  mellow
Body:  structured
Flavors:  Raspberry * Maple * Cacao Nibs
Elevation:  1450 meters       
Best brewing:  filtered drip       
Recommended ratio: 16:1

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The Specialty Coffees program at the AIPEP cooperative in Yungas, Bolivia started with a few members who had previous experience in preparing lots of coffee for regional and national events. In a General Assembly, it was suggested they could export these same coffees to their existing market, namely Higher Grounds' importer, Cooperative Coffees.As a part of this initiative, these producers sought support to help develop infrastructure to prepare specialty coffees more meticulously. This led them to submit a proposal to Cooperative Coffees for help in financing the construction of 30 covered drying tables. The project also propelled producers to begin preparing small batches of washed, natural and honey processed lots.These producers have been selected for their commitment to good processing techniques, and some of them submitted samples to regional and national quality competitions. Their farms are typically between 1200 to 1550 meters above sea level and are considered local examples in good agro-ecological practices, with active reforestation and fertilization and limited chaqueo, a practice of slash-and burn clearing that is all too common in Bolivia.
In 2022, we featured a coffee from this program produced by Jesus Villalva Tito. This year, because of capacity issues at the dry mill, instead of individual producer microlots the cooperative consolidated the lots by processing techniques. 

The producers who submitted coffee to this natural process lot are:
  • Jesus Villalva Tito - Colonia 10 de Mayo - 1450 MASL - Red and Yellow Catuai - 1 Hectacre (Ha) - 427kgs (47%)
  • Rosendo Apaza Mamani - Colonia Pumiri - 1200 MASL - Typica, Mundo Novo - 0.25 Ha - 27kgs (3%)
  • Juan Freddy Romero Paredes - Colonia Pumiri - 1450 MASL - Mundo Novo, Castillo, Catuaí - 0.75 Ha - 172kgs (19%)
  • Álvaro Huayhua Coillo - Colonia Pumiri - 1450 MASL - Catuai - 0.25 Ha - 35kgs (4%)
  • Alberto Romero Quispe - Colonia Pumiri - 1300 MASL - Catuai, Mundo Novo, Typica - 1.5 Ha - 222kgs (24%)
  • Luis Condori Chura  - Colonia Pumiri - 1550 MASL - Catuai, Mundo Novo, Typica - 0.25 Ha - 27kgs (3%)