Organic Apex Peruvian Fredesvinda Vasquez Romero

10oz bags, whole bean only. 

Ripe Pear * Toasted Marshmallow * Summery

Variety: Catuai, Costa Rica, Typica
Cooperative:  Sol y Cafe    
Region:  Jaen, Peru  
Processing: washed, double fermentation 
Acidity:  mellow       
Body:  creamy
Elevation:  1850-1900 meters       
Best brewing:  filter, iced flash brew    
Recommended ratio: 16:1

Fredesvinda's farm is neighboring that of her son Jeinner, at an altitude of 1860 meters above sea level. The coffee is a washed mixture of Catuai, Costa Rica and Typica varieties that have received a double fermentation for 48 hours. Last September, this coffee won first place in the Peru Golden Cup competition. The coffee was originally supposed to be auctioned off following the competition, but the auction was canceled due to bad organization. Sol & Café boxed up Fredesvinda's coffee into 20 kilogram boxes in December to help keep the quality as fresh as possible, and we're thrilled to report that it is still delightful. We are pleased to share it with you!

Fredesvinda Vásquez Romero was born on Celendin, a region within Cajamarca. She lives with her husband, José Secundino Cubas Dávila, who also participates in the household’s coffee activities. Together they have five sons, including Jeinner, whose coffee we are also featuring this summer. Doña Fredesvinda has been a member of the Sol & Café cooperative since 2008. She forms part of the El Ingenio primary organization along with 15 other farmers. She is an excellent coffee producer and her coffees are one of the best that Sol & Café receives in their yearly internal quality competition. She is always working to improve the quality of her coffees.

Her farm is located in the small town of El Nogar, two hours from Jaén. The Zapote is a fruit tree and it grows into the farm, so she named her farm after this tree. This farm includes five hectares for coffee production and five hectares of forest. Fredesvinda’s main income comes from the sale of her coffee. She also produces vegetables and is dedicated to raising chickens and guinea pigs.