Organic Apex Homer Alarcon Gayoso Peruvian Microlot
Organic Apex Homer Alarcon Gayoso Peruvian Microlot Organic Apex Homer Alarcon Gayoso Peruvian Microlot Organic Apex Homer Alarcon Gayoso Peruvian Microlot

Blueberry * Sangria * English Toffee

Homer's coffee is being sold in 10 oz bags. We only received one burlap bag of these green beans, so get it before it's gone.

This light-medium roast natural Gesha is a very rich in flavor. While many Peruvian microlots invoke a light, tropical experience, Homer's coffee walks a bolder path. Notes of blueberry cobbler, brown butter, and red wine are all fighting for attention in this roast, yet you'll agree the final product proves they don't detract from one another. Even its body is bold, making this a true statement coffee amongst other equally prized from around the World.

Cooperative: Sol y Cafe
Location: Cajamarca - Peru
Elevation: 1800-1850 meters       

Roast level: light
Acidity:  sweet & balanced       

Body: heavy
Processing: natural
Variety: Gesha
Cupping notes: Blueberry * Sangria * English Toffee

Recommended brewing: Pourover
Recommended rat
io: 15:1

Gesha is a highly prized coffee variety known for producing delicate, complex flavor nuances, distinct floral aromatics, and profound sweetness in the cup. As a plant, it is tricky to grow well, only thrives at very high elevations, and it only yields about half the fruit compared to most other coffee varieties. For these reasons, producers like Homer can earn a premium price for gesha coffees, and we believe they are well worth it. Homer chose to process this particular crop as a natural, leaving the fruit intact throughout fermentation and drying, resulting in a lush, vibrantly fruity cup that we can't stop raving about.


Homer Alarcon started working on his own coffee farm in 2003. He started working without any plan or any technology. He says that he had no idea about costs or the fertilization process. He worked like that until 2008. In that year, he became a member of the Cooperative Sol&Café, and he started getting training in a new way to produce coffee. Homer remarks that Sol&Café taught him to see the coffee farm as a company that needed to work with new technologies and new trends, rather than viewing the farm only as a simple plot of land to survive. 

In 2017 a new coffee trend started in Perú: specialty coffee. With the new championship of Cup of Excellence, all farmers had the opportunity to try new experiments and work with new varieties of coffee. Homer Alarcon jumped on the train of experimentation. For many years, he had primarily been working with washed coffees. This kind of process is the most common in Perú. However, Homer was curious about the natural process- specifically the quality, the flavors, the process of fermentation and the time needed to produce this kind of coffee. 


Quality is fundamental to Higher Grounds' mission, and our Apex Series exemplifies this commitment best. Holding up our Apex coffees is our opportunity to hold up the farmers as well. While roasters relish the opportunity to showcase their skills by roasting and cupping these unique and exquisite coffees, the true mission of the Apex Series lies in honoring our Farmer Partners. Each bag prominently features the names of our Farmer Partners, highlighting our responsibility and privilege to elevate these artisans. Their expertise, often honed over multiple generations, is crucial to the exceptional coffee we produce together. Every cup is as much their creation as it is ours.