Castillo-Calva Ecuador Microlot

Cooperative:  APECAP    
Region: Irachi, Canton Palanda, Zamora Chinchipe
Acidity:  balanced       
Body:  silky
Flavors: Red Plum * Raspberry * Caramel
Elevation:  1400 meters       
Best brewing:  filter       
Recommended ratio: 17:1

The APECAP Cooperative Partners since 2013

2016 is the second year in a row that Gonzalo Castillo's coffee has placed first at the Bracamoros competition in Southern Ecuador. This year Gonzalo teamed up with his neighbor Juan Calva, former president of APECAP, to submit their coffee in partnership to the competition.

“It's important that consumers know the level of quality we have," says Juan Calva. "These are special coffees for special people."