Ethiopian Charbanta

Cooperative: Charbanta    
Region: Gedeo region, Yirgacheffe
Acidity: balanced       
Body: round
Flavors: Blueberry * Watermelon * Floral
Elevation: 2100-2450 meters       
Best brewing: filter       
Recommended ratio: 17:1

The YCFCU Cooperative Partners since 2013

Named for the village nearby the cooperative, Charbanta is a small group of about 250 farmers growing coffee in some of the highest-elevation areas of the Gedeo region. Their parent organization is the Idido cooperative, which has established a reputation for producing very high quality, award-winning coffees. (Our Yirgacheffe Idido won a Good Food Award in 2017.)

Cooperative Coffees started sourcing from YCFCU--the parent cooperative of Idido and Charbanta--in 2013. This year, via CC, Higher Grounds has purchased this natural processed coffee directly from the Charbanta Cooperative.