Ethiopian Sidama Fero

Mandarin * Bergamot * Sweet Cream

Cooperative:   SCFCU       
Region:  Wonsho        
Acidity:  balanced       
Body:  delicate
Elevation:  1930 meters       
Best brewing:  filter       
Recommended ratio: 16:1

Fero is a farming group within the larger SCFCU cooperative, which was founded in 2001. Coffees within SCFCU are shade grown in low densities under the canopies of indigenous trees and enset (false banana), a staple food crop for Sidama families. The Sidama region stretches across the rugged mountains of Bensa to the valleys of Dale and Aleta Wendo, which provide a range of quality profiles that exemplify this wealth of production landscapes.

Fully washed Sidama coffees like this one from Fero show pronounced yet balanced acidity, delicate citric aromas, a creamy body and a pleasant cocoa finish. We're loving this coffee for its nuances of bergamot and mandarin orange.