Organic Apex Ilda Maria Mayo Ecuador Microlot

Profile: apricot, hibiscus, brown sugar, cherry

Farm: Finca Los Eucaliptos, Zamora-Chinchipe
Cooperative: APECAP
Elevation: 1550m
Processing: washed
Varietals: Bourbon, Typica
Body: juicy       

Ilda Mayo is a member of the APECAP Cooperative, a base level organization of the broader FAPECAFES network. She is an award winning farmer who has consistently placed her coffees in the top 10 during multiple iterations of the Bracamoros competition conducted in Southern Ecuador.

Ilda has a very systematic approach to her coffee, paying meticulous attention to harvesting, selecting red ripe cherries and floating them to get rid of underdeveloped cherries. Fermentation takes approximately 20 hours, and then the coffee is washed thoroughly four times to render a pearl-like wet parchment. The coffee is then dried in raised beds, at a very shallow thickness to allow proper aeration, with a drying time of approximately 30 days, resulting in an extremely stable product.

In addition to growing coffee, Ilda keeps a diversified farm, growing yuca, plantains, papaya, tree tomatoes, passion fruit, oranges and eggplants. Her farm is also heavily wooded, and she has invested in timber trees such as cedar and eucalyptus, in addition to other native trees that shade her coffee.

Ilda is a member of the Mayo-Hidalgo family, whose patriarch Juan Mayo began growing coffee in the Playa Las Pircas region many years ago. Of his eight children, three of them continue the tradition of coffee growing. Along with her two brothers, Ilda was one of the founding members of the APECAP cooperative. We are excited to also offer a small lot from her brother Napoleon this year.