Melecio Mayo Ecuador Microlot

Cooperative:  APECAP    
Region: Playa Las Pircas, Canton Palanda,
Zamora Chinchipe
Acidity:  sparkling       
Body:  creamy
Flavors: Meyer Lemon Curd * Cinnamon Sugar * Raisin
Elevation:  1650 meters       
Best brewing:  filter       
Recommended ratio: 17:1

The APECAP Cooperative Partners since 2013

Melecio Mayo, 29 years old, is the youngest in a large family of coffee farmers. The Mayo family has had a considerable influence in the resurgence of specialty coffee in southern Ecuador. For this coffee, Melecio conducted a meticulous red cherry selection, a 12-hour dry fermentation, and dried in parabolic driers for two weeks.

In addition to coffee, about 20% of Melecio's income comes milk and cheeses he and his wife produce from their small herd of cattle.