Miriam "Betty" Perez Honduras Microlot

Cooperative: COMSA    
Region: Finca Clave de Sol, Barrio el Rincón,
Marcala, La Paz, Honduras
Processing: Honey
Acidity: sparkling       
Body: juicy
Flavors: black cherry * honeydew * pink peppercorn
Elevation: 1300 meters       
Best brewing: filter       
Recommended ratio: 16:1


The COMSA Cooperative 

Betty Perez

Betty Perez has been a longstanding advocate of women in leadership positions within her cooperative, and she has consistently produced outstanding coffee. This year she offers us a stunning natural process coffee from Finca Clave de Sol (“Treble Clef Farm”) the farm she shares with her husband, Rodolfo Penalba.

Harvest is carried out in the months of December to February, time when sunlight penetrates the farm softly and indirectly due to the abundance of shade in the farm, in the coolness of the shorter daylight hours. Harvesting is conducted by hand, carefully selecting fruit that has achieved optimal maturity, cherries that are freshest in appearance, firm and brilliant in colour. This meticulous cherry selection mandates at least three pickings of the same plant, in order to allow for a superior quality coffee.

After harvest, the fruit is submitted to a wet processing method where the coffee is depulped, and later placed in tanks where it gets fermented for over 36 hours. Any byproducts of this process, such as pulp, are reincorporated to the farm’s soil.  Finally, the coffee gets laid out to dry under the sun in a protracted drying process.

Over the last few years, COMSA has been experimenting with honey processing as well as natural/dry processed coffees, which have rendered excellent cup results. This coffee from Betty Perez, along with a neighboring microlot from her husband Rodolfo as well as one from Melvin Alonso, are exceptional examples of successful experiments.