Organic Apex Napoleon Mayo Ecuador Microlot

Profile: honeycrisp apple, caramel, sweet butter pastry

Farm: Finca Los Higuerones, Zamora-Chinchipe
Cooperative: APECAP
Elevation: 1665m
Processing: washed
Varietals: Typica Mejorada, Typica
Body: delicate       

Napoleon Mayo is a member of the APECAP Cooperative, a base level organization of the broader FAPECAFES network.  Napoleon is a member of the Mayo-Hidalgo family, whose patriarch Juan Mayo established himself in the Playa Las Pircas region of Palanda and began growing coffee many years ago. Of Juan Mayo’s eight children, three of them continue the tradition of coffee growing. Over the past few years we have enjoyed two Mayo family coffees (from Melecio and later from Ilda Maria), and we are thrilled to round out the trifecta with Napoleon’s offering this year.

Napoleon has experimented with different processing methods, producing honey process and natural process coffees. For his washed coffee, Napoleon selects only red ripe cherries. After depulping, he ferments for 14-16 hours. The coffee is then dried in raised beds for 15 days, except in periods of high precipitation, when Napoleon takes his coffee to the APECAP cooperative to be dried in mechanical driers.

This is the first year we have had the privilege of trying Napoleon’s delicious coffee, which for us is reminiscent of freshly-baked apple pie drizzled with buttery caramel sauce. We are excited to share it with you!