Organic Apex Jesus Villalva Tito
Organic Apex Jesus Villalva Tito Organic Apex Jesus Villalva Tito

Producer: Jesus Villalva Tito

Cooperative:  AIPEP       
Region:  Pumiri, Caranavi, Bolivia        
Acidity:  mellow
Body:  structured
Flavors:  Blackberry Jam * Nut Butter * Elusive
Elevation:  1450 meters       
Best brewing:  filtered drip       
Recommended ratio: 15:1

Not your usual natural processed coffee! Less of a fruit bomb but still lush, sweet, and densely satisfying, this coffee is a lovely addition to our Apex lineup for spring. Our "elusive" tasting note speaks to a particular sensory quality we can't quite put our finger on but which might be best compared to a peanut butter cookie.
Producer Jesús Villalva is a founding member of the AIPEP cooperative in Bolivia, where we also purchase coffee for our Bolivian Caranavi Signature offering.

Jesús is an enterprising farmer who has been motivated by the success of AIPEP, which has led him to experiment in alternative processing methods such as natural and honey process coffee. He has also been planting new varieties such as Gesha, Pacamara and Java.

His vision as a coffee farmer has brought him to participate in numerous regional and national coffee competitions such as the Taza Presidencial. On his farm, he also produces plantain, mandarin oranges, mango, passion fruit and corn.