Organic Apex Miriam Perez Honduras Microlot

Cooperative: COMSA    
Location: Finca Clave de Sol, Barrio El Rincon, La Paz, Honduras
Processing: washed
Acidity: mellow       
Body: juicy
Flavors: caramel * orange cream * juicy
Elevation: 1300 meters       
Best brewing: filter       
Recommended ratio: 15:1


The COMSA Cooperative 


Betty Perez has been a longstanding advocate of women in leadership positions within her cooperative, and she has consistently produced outstanding coffee. We are beyond pleased to offer a small lot of her washed coffee this year, a sweet, uncomplicated, easy drinking cup. 

COMSA's harvest took place in spring this year, and while shipping timelines were delayed due to COVID, this coffee has held its quality and we are happy to enjoy it now. Harvesting is conducted by hand, carefully selecting fruit that has achieved optimal maturity, cherries that are freshest in appearance, firm and brilliant in color. This meticulous cherry selection mandates at least three pickings of the same plant, in order to allow for a superior quality coffee.