Organic Apex Sumatran Permata Gayo Silk

Cooperative:   Permata Gayo       
Region:  Bener Meriah        
Acidity:  low   
Body:  silky
Flavors: Dried Plum * Toffee * Berry
Elevation:  1400 meters       
Best brewing:  Hario V60        
Recommended ratio: 16:1

This coffee was harvested and immediately wet hulled, the traditional process for Sumatran coffee: after overripe and green cherries are sorted out, the red cherries are washed that same day, followed by removal of the outer fruit layer and a 12-hour overnight ferment. In the morning, the seeds are rinsed and mucilage is removed, and the seeds (referred to a “parchment”) soaks for an additional 12 hours to increase complexity. After this extended fermentation, the parchment is spread out on a patio for 12 hours of drying in a shaded area with regular rotation down to 40% moisture content, after which the remaining mucilage is removed. Then the green coffee is spread on drying tarps until it reaches 18% moisture content. It is stored for two weeks in Bener Meriah before being shipped to Medan for final drying and hand sorting.

We are impressed with the continued increase in quality we are seeing from our longstanding partners at Permata Gayo, particularly with this specific small lot of “silk” coffee. We’re excited to support this special experimental project and encourage further investments and experiments of its kind.