Parallel Espresso Blend

Molasses * Sweet Citrus * Buttery

Our spring seasonal espresso blend is back for a limited time. Named for the 45th Parallel we’re very nearly seated on here in Traverse City, Michigan, Parallel joins our lineup of options for espresso. A blend of three dynamic Peruvian offerings, this coffee offers a lively profile with unctuous grapefruit and orange acidity rounded out with the echoing sweetness of molasses. Delicious featured on its own or in milk-based drinks, this blend especially shines in a 1:4 ratio with steamed milk, as in a single shot, 5 oz. cappuccino. It also makes an exceptional Americano.

Tasting notes: Ruby red grapefruit, orange marmalade, molasses, cinnamon, buttery (with milk, it tastes like a Linzer cookie but with citrus marmalade instead of raspberry). Creamy, sweet and delicious on its own and in milk.

Blend components:
40% Peru Pangoa Oropel community lot 
40% Peru Sol y Cafe Jose Saucedo Mego single-farmer lot 
20% Peru Norandino Natural 

Oropel is a 10-farmer community of the Pangoa cooperative, located high in the Andes Mountains, about a 7-hour drive from Pangoa's facility in the Central Amazon region. Jose Saucedo Mego is a farmer from the Sol y Cafe cooperative in Cajamarca, northern Peru. Coop Norandino is located near Peru's northwestern coast.