YWCA Empower Blend

Empowering Women One Cup At A Time

A deliciously smooth and zippy, medium-roast blend.
Sale of this coffee supports YWCA of Northwest Ohio.

Every week, women in our community escape violent home situations with literally just the clothes on their backs and their young children in tow.

They come from all walks of life and they turn to the city’s only emergency domestic violence shelter at the YWCA. They juggle the demands of caring for their children in cramped communal spaces while they begin the hard work of building a new path forward with the help of the YWCA’s programs and resources.

That is why the YWCA is renovating its outdated 1950s building to create a safe, welcoming facility that will increase service capacity and ensure the dignity of its clients. The vision of this renovation is to better serve the women and families who rely on our valuable programs and services. Improving and doubling the number of shelter rooms will allow us to quarantine guests in-house, grant families more privacy and dignity, and better facilitate healing. Building new offices, upgrading common areas, and expanding training rooms will improve staff and program efficiencies and create more opportunities for community outreach.

The YWCA takes pride in providing community education on racial justice and issues of inequity.

$5.00 of every bag purchased on our website goes to support YWCA Northwest Ohio

For more information, go to https://www.ywcanwo.org/


**A special thank you to Perrysburg High Schools Women’s Empowerment Club for their partnership and dedication to support this effort.