May Erlewine Shine On Coffee and Mug

A tasty musical collab

Shine on blend

with artist may erlewine

Peru norandino

think cocoa + strawberry jam

spring has sprung

Awaken blend

supporting gender equity in DRC

sustainably delicious

single farmer lots from the comsa cooperative in honduras

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Apex Series

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Single Origin

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Signature Blends



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We're Teaming up to Support our Veterans

We're Teaming up to Support our Veterans Higher Grounds has launched a new coffee blend “Bold Glory” in partnership with the Northern Michigan for Veterans (NMV) organization.

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The Apex Series: Driving Quality through Sustainability

The Apex Series: Driving Quality through Sustainability Our Apex Series doesn’t just offer outstanding flavors; each coffee also has a story of its own to tell. These coffees all balance quality and sustainability, showing how the two can go hand-in-hand at origin. 

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Cupping Coffee: Why and How

Cupping Coffee: Why and How Cupping is the process used in the coffee industry to evaluate the aroma and taste of coffee. Here at HG, we cup coffee for several reasons, including staff and partner education, quality control, palate development, and to determine what specific flavor notes should be listed on our labels.

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Our Model

Higher Grounds donates at least 1% of our profits to On the Ground, our partner nonprofit. 

On the Ground empowers coffee farming communities through gender and social equity, environmental sustainability, and economic security. 

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True sustainability is only possible through a human-centric approach.

At every touchpoint along the supply chain--farmers, co-ops, roasters, buyers, baristas, and consumers--we advocate for not just the highest standards in coffee, but the highest standards of human life and respect. 

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