Here at Higher Grounds, we’re pretty much obsessed with quality.  We've assembled some how-to videos -- plus some information on coffee basics, quality, and sustainability to keep you informed!

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How-To Videos

We want to be your resource for all things coffee--including your own preparation of coffee at home. We can't be in your kitchen with you, but we hope you'll come along as our baristas take a deep dive into some of our favorite coffees.

No matter how you’re making coffee, for best results, we highly recommend buying whole beans and grinding them with a burr grinder just before brewing. For other standard brewing principles, check out the 7 Essential Elements of Brewing below.

Virtual Barista

Join our barista Stephen, coffee expert and metaphor enthusiast, as he highlights regions around the globe known for their coffee.

Coffee Foundations

Quality: From Seed to Cup

Sustainability in Coffee

Producer Resources