Delicious and unique, gift dad a coffee from the Apex Series. Featuring single-famer Peruvian microlot from HOMER, JEINNER, and MIGUEL Delicious and unique, gift dad a coffee from the Apex Series. Featuring single-famer Peruvian microlot from HOMER, JEINNER, and MIGUEL
Holiday Coffee Pairings

Special meals and gatherings with friends and family are what the holidays are all about. Our coffee menu will sustain you at every turn, offering a wide range of selections for rounding out all your holiday moments.

The Fruitcake Handshake

Revel holiday blend’s cherry cordial notes and chocolaty body provide great structure alongside a dense and nutty fruitcake or any sweet holiday bread. Hearty enough to stand up to a splash of cream but sweet enough to enjoy black. 

Yirgacheffe Idido with pie

Pie Lover

The berry sweetness and delicate floral aromatics of Yirgacheffe Charbanta act as a subtle foil for any rich, buttery pastry, but we think it’s especially lovely in between bites of coconut cream pie. If you’re a fan of adding things to your coffee, go for the French Roast instead, whose smooth, smoky notes will hold up to a splash of cream.

Mexican Maya Vinic with cookie platter

Cookie Monster

A constantly-refilled cookie platter is a fixture on many kitchen counters in December. From spritz candy canes to fudge to Buckeyes, Mexican Maya Vinic’s subtle cocoa and cinnamon notes will balance out your cookie snacking. (They’re small, so you can have… twelve, right?)

Mayan Magic Espresso Aeropress with Irish creme

Mix it Up

For mixing into cocktails, and in the absence of an espresso machine, our Mayan Magic Espresso blend brews up quite nice—and quickly—in an Aeropress. Sweet and rich with notes of dried tart cherry upfront and a smooth, dark chocolaty aftertaste, this coffee works well in homemade kahlua and is also an excellent choice for Irish coffee.

The Morning Of

Bleary-eyed and a bit grumpy from staying up too late wrapping presents on behalf of Santa and being woken up before dawn to open presents? Brew up a pot of our version of a breakfast blend, Justice. Subtly juicy and nutty-sweet, a cup or two will coax your taste buds to life and draw you into the magical land of Christmas morning fun and wonder.

Ethiopian Sidama with a red bow

Best Gift Coffee

An exceptional coffee from our longstanding partners at the Sidama Coffee Farmers Cooperative Union, Sidama Telamo from Ethiopia scores top marks among connoisseurs. Delicate yet complex, with hints of raspberry, milk chocolate, and plum, it’s a cup to sip and savor.

Colombian Fondo Paez for a crowd

Please the Crowd

When you’re serving up a storm and aren’t familiar with the coffee-drinking preferences of the crowd of guests streaming into your home, go for our Colombian. With its medium body, sweet peach undertones and brown sugar finish, this coffee is sure to please just about everyone no matter the occasion or time of day.

And if you’re in Traverse City over the holidays, stop by our Coffee Bar and Roastery, where our baristas can guide you towards the best choice for any other occasion you can dream of. See you soon.