Organic Apex Bryan Bautista Honduras Microlot
Organic Apex Bryan Bautista Honduras Microlot Organic Apex Bryan Bautista Honduras Microlot

We are thrilled to feature a new partner for us from within COMSA, rising star Honduran producer Bryan Bautista.

Blueberry Pie * Caramel * Dark Chocolate

Cooperative: COMSA    
Location: Finca Adolfo's, La Paz, Honduras
Processing: natural
Acidity: lush       
Body: syrupy
Elevation: 1540 meters       
Best brewing: filter       
Recommended ratio: 17:1


The COMSA Cooperative 

From Bryan: My name is Bryan Adolfo Bautista Zelaya, I was born on October 29, 1994 in Marcala, La Paz. I am the third generation of coffee farmers in my family. My grandfather and grandmother on my father's side produced coffee for over 40 years.  They instilled it on my father, and since my earliest days of life, my parents taught me how to work with coffee, in order to transform and improve all the efforts they had made through their years in coffee.

The name of the farm Finca ADOLFO'S comes from my grandfather, father and me. We all share the same name as the three generations of coffee growers in my family.

The farm is located in the community of Musula, Marcala, La Paz. At a height of 1540 a.s.l., where we grow Yellow and Red Catuai, Yellow and Red Baurbon, Pacamara, Parainema, Gesha and Lempira. The farm is around 50 years old. My parents inherited it to me when I graduated from university as a means to find a way to generate income for myself.  When I inherited it, the farm only produced the Lempira variety. Over time, I diversified production to the varieties we grow today. The farm has an area of 15 productive manzanas (about 11 hectares) and 1 manzana of forest with a  natural water spring  which we take care of as a natural reserve.

I work the 3 types of processing techniques (washed, honeyed and natural). I also experiment  with anaerobic fermentation as a method to resoundingly improve the quality of the me and my parents' coffee."