Organic Apex Miguel Padilla Chinguel Peruvian Microlot
Organic Apex Miguel Padilla Chinguel Peruvian Microlot Organic Apex Miguel Padilla Chinguel Peruvian Microlot

Milk Chocolate * Vanilla * Pineapple

Miguel's coffee is being sold in 10 oz bags. We only received one burlap bag of these green beans, so get it before it's gone.

The quality of this coffee is characterized, not by how out there it is, but by how well it works with a well-established flavor profile. Miguel's coffee doesn't necessarily break the mold, but it could very well have been the one to cast it in the first place. That's how strong it is. My first sip of this roast was delicious bliss. Never before have I so clearly tasted sweet, sweet white chocolate in a coffee. I think just about anyone will find something to appreciate about this coffee.

Cooperative: Sol y Cafe
Location: Parcela El Romerillo, Cajamarca - Peru
Elevation: 1898 meters    

Roast level: light
Acidity: bright       
Body: balanced
Processing: washed
Variety: Bourbon and Caturra
Cupping notes: Milk Chocolate * Vanilla * Pineapple

Recommended brewing: Pourover
Recommended ratio: 15:1

This specific lot of green beans was awarded 3rd place in the national Perú Fair Trade Coordinator's Golden Cup competition, where Fair trade cooperatives from all across Peru submit coffees. Higher Grounds purchased coffee from Miguel for the first time this year. It's a rare honor, and we're happy to have been given the opportunity to roast such an esteemed product -- and one that was scored very high by our importer Coop Coffees' tasters.

A unique mix of Bourbon and Caturra beans, sweet and welcoming.  Words just don't do it justice, but brewing it will. 


Quality is fundamental to Higher Grounds' mission, and our Apex Series exemplifies this commitment best. Holding up our Apex coffees is our opportunity to hold up the farmers as well. While roasters relish the opportunity to showcase their skills by roasting and cupping these unique and exquisite coffees, the true mission of the Apex Series lies in honoring our Farmer Partners. Each bag prominently features the names of our Farmer Partners, highlighting our responsibility and privilege to elevate these artisans. Their expertise, often honed over multiple generations, is crucial to the exceptional coffee we produce together. Every cup is as much their creation as it is ours.