Higher Grounds is no stranger to spirit-infused coffee. Following the success of an Iron Fish collaboration in 2022, Higher Grounds’ Roasting Team has set their sites on wine this holiday season. The roaster leading this project? Meet Liona Lutes. Who happens to be the daughter of the winemaker at the renowned Black Star Farms, Lee Lutes. Father and daughter sharing in the process - the passion for beverage science and craft is generationally imbued.

Calling the line Capricorn Collection is Liona’s homage to her dad - who she describes as “the epitome of the ambitious, logical, and giving star sign.”

Both of these unique coffees - Brandy, You’re a Wine Girl and Sirius Business - aged with spirit-infused oak, are aromatic without being overwhelmingly potent. The perfect choice for a morning or evening cup.

Exposing the green coffee beans to the sprit-infused oak created a delicious extra caramelization during roasting - resulting in a sweeter cup with a smooth, round body.



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