HOW TO: French Press

You’ll need:

whole bean coffee (see recipes below for quantity)
French press
utensil for stirring (wooden recommended)
grinder (burr grinder recommended)
scale (gram measurement recommended)

These recipes use a 15:1 ratio of water:coffee and an 8-oz “cup.” Please use them as a starting point and adjust to your taste preference:

4-cup (32 oz or 430 g/ml water): 28 g coffee
8-cup (64 oz or 860 g/ml water): 56 g coffee

1. Heat your water to 205 degrees: bring it to a boil, then let it rest for 30 seconds, or use a temperature-controlled electric kettle.

2. Pre-heat your French press by rinsing it with a small amount of hot water.

3. Weigh out your whole bean coffee (see recipes above).

4. Grind coffee to a coarse, grainy consistency.

5. Add coffee to the pot, then pour in the water.

6. After one minute, stir to ensure all particles are wet, then place the plunger carefully on the pot to retain heat, resting the filter screen just on the surface of the coffee.

7. After 3 more minutes (4 minutes total brew time), face the spout away from you, and slowly press down the plunger.

8. Pour into your favorite mug, and enjoy.

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