Organic Apex Colombian Fondo Paez
Organic Apex Colombian Fondo Paez Organic Apex Colombian Fondo Paez

Cooperative:  Fondo Paez       
Region:  Remote Highlands, Cauca     
Processing: Washed
Acidity: mellow
Body: buttery
Flavors:  Shortbread * Chamomile * Sugared Grapefruit
Elevation:  1300-1900 meters       
Best brewing:  Chemex       
Recommended ratio: 17:1

The Fondo Paez co-o largely represents Colombia’s main indigenous group, the Nasa (meaning “the people”).

Caught in the middle of an ongoing civil war, the farmers of Fondo Paez are committed to nonviolence and remain neutral as the conflict continues sporadically throughout their land. Their struggle for peace guides these farmers as they work to retain their ancestral farming practices. In addition to cultivating coffee, the  farmers collect seeds and cultivate native beans and corn to provide a healthy diet for their families.

Higher Grounds has proudly purchased coffee from Fondo Paez for nearly two decades. This year, due to climate and supply chain issues also faced by so many other farmers globally, their crop was heavily reduced and a lot less volume was available. Yet the quality of coffee coming from Fondo Paez is spectacular, delighting us year after year. This year, the combination of lower supply and exceptional quality has meant that we are paying a higher price for this coffee and it has earned a spot in our top-tier Apex lineup. The quality is well worth it.

Partners since: 2004