Roaster's Choice

A selection of our Signature Blends & Single Origins; the coffees that make us who we are. Always organic, beyond Fair Trade, roasted in small batches. 

Apex Series 

Our Apex Series tells a unique story about the producers behind the cup; featuring individual farmers who offer rare and distinctive coffees. Perfect for the coffee connoisseur or any one looking to experience exciting, rotating, limited offerings featuring different processing and growing techniques. 

How It Works

  • Choose Roaster's Choice or Apex Series.
  • Choose 3 Month or 6 Month.
  • Choose 1-4 12oz bags per shipment.
  • Frequency is monthly. 
  • Receive a different coffee with each installment. 
  • Shipping is included in prepay price. 
  • Gifting? Request  a handwritten note!