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Throughout history, music and coffee have fueled the work of the people and inspired our dreams, our passions and our hopes for a brighter future. For the past decade, May Erlewine has been a musical ambassador for Higher Grounds Trading Co. From Chiapas, Mexico to Yirgacheffe, Ethiopia, May has traveled to coffee origins with Higher Grounds to engage in a number of transnational collaborations including Guitars for Chiapas, Chiapas Water Projects, and Run Across Ethiopia. We are beyond excited to be partnering with May again to bring you Shine On. This shared creation is a merging of coffee and song... a sweet, mellow blend with notes of brown sugar, honey, and plum jam. 

A portion of every SHINE ON purchase and 100% of every TBA Bracelet purchase will be donated to the World Food Programme (WFP). The World Food Programme is an international organization within the United Nations that provides food assistance worldwide. It is the world's largest humanitarian organization. These donations will bring food to families in Gaza and The West Bank.

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