Higher Grounds Coffee is an award-winning, organic coffee roaster in Traverse City, Michigan with a human-centric approach and farming partners all over the globe, founded in 2003. 

We are proudly distributed by Carmela Foods.  

High quality coffee is sustainable only through a human-centric approach. It's a simple idea. And as we like to think of it, our secret recipe for the best cup of coffee in the world.  

Our circle model. We provide coffee drinkers with the opportunity to engage in a cycle that begins with, and returns to, our partners in coffee-growing regions. We’re fully engaged in that cycle, sourcing coffee directly from farmers through ownership of our importer Cooperative Coffees and circling back to the farmers and their communities via our sister nonprofit, On the Ground. 




You can also email or call us at:
sales@highergroundstrading.com  |  231-922-9009