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May Erlewine: the Artist behind Shine On Blend

Give us an intro! Please tell us about yourself.

My name is May Erlewine, and I'm a songwriter, performer, and producer. I use my music to serve the community.

Why / how did you become an artist, and what inspires your art?

I believe we all have a lot of creative energy inside of us. I was encouraged to spend a lot of time with my creative self early in life and when I found songwriting, I felt a deep connection to that craft. I think I found it so meaningful because it is all about telling stories. I am inspired by everything and everyone around me and I try to practice the art of noticing. I use the observations of life to create songs that speak to our human experience.

Shine On Blend May Erlewine Coffee


What do you love about coffee? Describe your daily coffee ritual. 

I love coffee because it is a ritual. Of course the flavors and the smell and the consumption are a wonderful thing, but the act of greeting the morning and taking time to brew a beautiful cup is something that is really fulfilling to my soul. I love a clean cup of coffee and I use the Chemex to create it.

Why did you partner with Higher Grounds to create Shine On Blend?

I travel a lot and enjoy many different coffees and appreciate many roasters all over the world. In all of my journeys, I've never seen a company that cares about the coffee farmers and the regions they live in more than Higher Grounds. It is a serious relationship that goes beyond the fair trade of the coffee bean for the dollar. Through the On the Ground organization, Higher Grounds creates opportunities for real conversation, collaboration and solidarity between the farmer and the consumer. Of course I love HG and they are my neighborhood coffee bar, but this relationship goes far beyond my morning latte and I'm really grateful to be a small part of their big work.

Shine On Blend is a Higher Grounds Coffee for Change supporting Title Track and racial justice education in Michigan. Check out our full line of Coffees for Change here, and for more with the amazing May Erlewine, please find some additional resources below: 

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